Heavy Duty T Post Steel Post Puller

We know it's not a gun part, but these work so good when we are fencing that we had to make a few to sell. There has to be more people like us out there shooting and hunting when they get a chance and fixing fence when the cows get out. Since cows are always out, we end up fixing, building and changing barbed wire and electric fences quite often.
This is a heavy duty T-Post puller for pulling steel fence post known as "T" posts.

It is made from half-inch thick steel plate. This is a puller that must be used with a jack or piece of equipment, it is NOT a stand-alone puller.

It can be used with a jack or a tractor or other piece of equipment. One hole is for the T post while the other can be hooked onto with a chain, shackle, hook or Hi-Lift jack.

In our opinion, this is the easiest way to pull steel T posts. A person can use a short piece of chain attached to it with a hook on one end so it can hook direct to a loader, backhoe bucket or 3-point hitch on a tractor. Some people want to use them with a hi-lift jack as shown in the photos, or they can hook a chain to them if needed.

We have used one like these for several hundred posts and it has never bent.

If you use this in combination with a short piece of chain and hydraulic equipment, you will find that it turns pulling posts into a rapid process. All you have to do is slide it over the post, then pull up, slide the post out and move to the next one.