Stainless JM Marlin 1895 45-70gov. with Beartooth Lever, Magpul Stock and Beartooth Prototype, "Guide Friendly" Forend.



Marlin 336 30-30win with Beartooth Lever 



Henry Model X With Beartooth Knuckle - Duster Style Lever.



Parkerized 1895M .450 Marlin with Beartooth "Knuckle Duster" style lever and custom M-Lock butt stock ammo quiver. XS ghost-ring sights, ported barrel, and M1 style sling. Internal upgrades include brass follower, bear-proof ejector from Wild West Guns and some minor action work. Rifle typically is carried while hiking or back-packing around Northwest Wyoming.




 Top - .44 magnum Rossi M92 with Beartooth brass hammer-screw saddle ring. Bottom - Marlin 1895GS in .45-70 gov. with XS ghost-ring sights and Beartooth stainless steel, knuckle-duster style lever. 




 Marlin 1895GS in .45-70 gov. with XS ghost-ring sights and Beartooth blued steel, knuckle-duster style lever. Also with stainless steel Beartooth Saddle ring.




Beartooth Mercantile model 1895GI .45-70gov. Color-case hardened receiver and lever. Custom integrated, M-Lok rails, with Beartooth stock quiver. XS ghost-ring sights and M1 style sling. See blog article



Beartooth Mercantile model 1895B .45-70gov. Color-case hardened receiver. Beartooth "Old-Style" pistol grip lever modeled off the original square-bolt Marlin rifles. Custom brass and cerakoting. Skinner Sights, Beartooth follower. Re-worked and bedded factory stocks with cowboy length, "skinny" fore-end stock.


thumbnail-img-1325jbx.jpg One of our customer's builds where he incorporated a Beartooth pistol-grip, knuckle-duster lever into a highly modified, but practical Marlin rifle.