XS Sight System - Ghost Ring Front and Rear Sight Set. Marlin 1895

XS-ML-0013-5 1

This is the ghost ring sight shown on some of our custom rifles throughout our sight and social media. This is the version without "wings" on the rear sight.

The rear ghost ring mounts directly to the top of the receiver with existing hardware and the front sight is also mounted with existing screws. 

This particular sight is made for the 1895 rifles including the 45-70 Guide Gun, .450 Marlin and .444 Marlin. This is XS item ML-0013-5.

The 336 rifles use a different sight.

One-piece front base, plus a fully adjustable ghost ring rear sight for Marlin lever guns. Hunters and competitive shooters alike will benefit from the faster sight acquisition offered by the .191" and .230" inside diameter rear apertures and .100" wide, white line front sight blade. Ghost Ring sets include a rear ghost ring sight that mounts directly to the receiver without drilling and tapping.

Cannot be exported; USA sales only.