Takedown Saddle Ring Screw for Browning BL22

Was: $25.00
Now: $15.00

This part replaces the factory takedown screw on a Browning BL22 with a saddle ring and stud. Most saddle rings are designed to be on the left side of the receiver to accommodate right handed shooters, but the takedown screw on a BL22 inserts from the right. This means that a saddle ring stud designed around the BL22's takedown screw requires the ring to exist on the right side of the receiver if it were to remain a 1-piece stud. Although this technically makes this saddle ring left handed, it will not interfere with the right handed shooter. The takedown screw is located close to the center of the receiver and the ring is not in the way of the shooter's hand.

“Saddle rings” were originally designed as a single point sling attachment for Cavalry soldiers and can still be used for that reason if made correctly. However, there are other benefits to the rings that include the cosmetic appeal and use as a take down screw. If a saddle ring is incorporated into a takedown screw like this one, the user does not need a screw driver to remove the takedown screw. The ring itself allows the ring to be tightened or loosened without additional tools.