Stainless Marlin 336 Pistol Grip Knuckle Duster Lever Loop


This is our "knuckle duster" style over sized pistol grip lever loop for the Marlin 1895. It fits all Pistol grip 1895's including the 336 and the guide guns with pistol grip stocks and lower tangs. 

Installation and fitting by a gunsmith is recommended.

Our levers are modeled from the original "JM" Marlin rifles and fit those rifles best with minimal fit-up. However, they can be fit to the newer rifles if done so by a knowledgeable gunsmith.

Lever loops require some fit up on most rifles since there is no way to determine how much wear is on a customer's used rifle. There also can be slight variation between new rifles of the same model. There is significant difference between the newer Marlins and the old "JM" Marlins. 

Available with the plunger hardware pre-installed or as a "lever only" where you need to reuse your plunger hardware.

Polished Stainless or Graphite Black Cerakote available inthe dropdown menu.