Old - Style, "Pre-64" Saddle Ring - Stainless with Blued Ring- 1/4 x 30 threads

MSRP: $19.00
(You save $5.00 )

This is modeled off of an old Pre-64 Winchester saddle ring. The ring material is 0.188" diameter and the ring itself has an outside diameter of 1.125" (1-1/8"). The stud has a threaded section that is 0.20" long with 1/4"-30 threads.

The original pre-64 Winchester saddle ring Model 94 rifle used 1/4-30 pitch threads for the saddle ring. If installing in a pre-existing hole, please verify depth and thread pitch prior to install to avoid damaging your rifle. 

This piece has a stainless steel threaded stud and a blued steel ring. The stainless stud went through the bluing process with the ring as one whole part. Some of the interior portions of the stud near the hole for the ring may have some residual stains from the bluing salts. See photos.