8-32 Set Screw and Lock Pin

BTM - 832LP 1

This is an alternative to using the Marlin factory set screw and ball to secure the basic safety deletes or the saddle rings we make in place of the cross bolt safety. This hardware will not work on the factory cross bolt safety and is only intended for use on the basic safety delete or the saddle rings.


Additional Info:

There are three ways to secure basic safety deletes and saddle rings in the location of the cross bolt safety in the Marlin lever guns:

1. Use the factory set screw and steel ball together without the spring. In this case a person tightens the set screw against the ball which holds the saddle ring in place. This is the easiest and does not require any additional hardware or modifying the receiver. It is strong enough for most of the people that put our saddle rings on their Marlins.

2. Tap the 8-32 threaded hole containing the factory set screw so that a new set screw can be tightened all the way against the saddle ring stud. Although this is the strongest, it is the most difficult to do and a person can easily break a tap or damage their receiver.

3. Use an 8-32 set screw tightened against a short cylindrical lock pin as sold on the website. This is often done if a person loses their factory hardware and cannot acquire exact replacements. This is a strong alternative and does not require modifying the rifle. It is slightly stronger than using the factory hardware because the set screw does not have the small protruding "dog" on the end of it like the factory hardware.