45-70 Marlin BRASS Magazine Follower - JM Marlin and Remington Marlins

MSRP: $19.00
Was: $19.00
Now: $9.00
(You save $10.00 )

This follower is for Marlin 1895 lever action rifles chambered in 45-70 gov.  This version works on the original JM Marlins and Remington made Marlin rifles. If you need one for the Ruger made Marlins click STAINLESS or BRASS

This is a Brass magazine tube follower that works with all bullet types including Hornady Lever Evolution cartridges. Pointed cartridges need a follower with a concave face or dimple to feed correctly. The modified face still works with traditional, flat - tipped bullets. 

This is what we have left over of our brass version that works only on JM Marlin made rifles or Remington made Marlin rifles. Currently on sale. 

For more information on the differences of Brass and Stainless followers click HERE